Growing Up with Yasmin and Tom

Key Stage Two: Age 9 - 11

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A few things to think about before you start

Classroom set up

Room set-up and flexible seating arrangements should enable pupils to work together in small groups. A comfortable setting can contribute to a confidence-building atmosphere. A large circle emphasises equal relationships in the group.

Working agreement / Ground rules

One way to build a positive climate is by involving the pupils in developing ground rules or a working agreement which identifies how they want to behave to one another and what behaviour should be avoided. Please see Preliminary lesson plan 1 to help you do this.

Introducing Yasmine and Tom

link to introducing Yasmin and Tom video
This resource will work well when the children feel the know the characters of Yasmine and Tom. Because of this it is worth spending a lesson introducing them before the other lesson plans are used. Please see Preliminary Lesson Plan 2 to help you do this.

Module Assets

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